Over the weekend we headed down to the beach to watch the Navy ships come in, I took my camera along to snap a few pics of the boats but it turned into an impromptu photoshoot with Thea. When I got home and started looking through the images I realised it was a really lovely little series, not only of her but also showcasing some of the beautiful clothes in her wardrobe. Of course my mind started ticking (as it always does haha) and I decided to share these photos as my first 'Beau Monde Mini' style series. The plan is that this will become a regular feature on the blog because I am so passionate about kids fashion and love photographing this sweet girl of mine. I am not a professional photographer by any stretch but I'm ok with that, heres to learning together and seeing what magic we create.

Thea Wears: Jamie Kay Cardigan, Hubble + Duke Tutu Skirt from Beau Monde Babe and Mini Melissa Boots

All images copyright Beau Monde Mama - Please do not share without prior consent.


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