I am frequently asked via Instagram about my indoor plants, I'm a bit of a collector with around thirty indoor plants (last count) and seem to have incredible luck at keeping them alive. I thought I would share a few of my favourite picks when it comes to selecting a house plant and some tips on how I manage to keep them alive and thriving!
I am in no way a professional when it comes to this area, however I do seem to have a green thumb so hopefully these tips help others and answer a few of the questions I'm most commonly asked.


Possibly my favourite house plant, these are easy to maintain and have a stunning flower that lasts for ages! My top tips when selecting an Orchid: choose one that is just about to bloom, you will get the full extent of it flowering with maximum benefits. Orchids need very little watering, I water mine about once every ten days, make sure it is planted in a pot with good drainage. Mine are planted in a plastic pot with holes in the bottom and displayed in a nice ceramic planter, I find orchids don't like sitting in water, so good drainage is the key. I also mix in liquid orchid food with water about once every few months.
Once the Orchid has finished flowering you can cut the stem back to above one of the nodes (below the last flower) or if the leaves are looking a little sad I cut the stem right back to the base to allow the plant some time to rejuvenate. Orchids like being positioned in bright natural or filtered light, but not direct sunlight. I find my orchids have long periods (maybe six months) between flowering but they are well worth it when they do!


A few months ago I purchased my first Maiden Hair Fern, and as difficult as everyone has said they are to grow, she is thriving! I keep her positioned in our living room which has lots of natural light and find it really likes the warmth of our living space (with the heat pump on constantly this Winter). I have heard they also do well in humid spaces like bathrooms. The key with Maiden Hair Ferns is to keep the soil damp but not sitting in a pool of water, so much like an Orchid drainage is very important. I think a mistake some people make is to pot house plants directly into a display pot without holes in the bottom. Always make sure you plant into a plastic container or pot which allows for drainage, you can then place it inside a nice planter for display. The only other tip I have for the Maiden Hair is to always cut off the dying foliage, some fear this will cut away most of the plant but its the only way to allow for new growth!


I love Peace Lilies because they are so easy to look after! I have a few around our home and they are definitely a plant I would recommend if you are a novice when it comes to house plants. I water mine about once a week, just a small amount although they can go for longer periods and still be fine, just try and ensure the soil doesn't dry out too much. If it does and the plant looks limp, just sit it in a bowl of water and it will come back to life in a few hours!. Peace Lilies don't need much light or love and are a great plant to add a bit of greenery in your home. I find the leaves tend to lighten if placed in an area with bright or direct sunlight. Make sure you cut off any dead or browning leaves to keep the plant healthy. 


I have had this beauty since Christmas and am absolutely in love! The Monstera is a great house plant to own, they grow very quickly and are super easy to care for. I find it prefers a more shaded area in the house and can go for a few weeks without being watered. Monstera are very hardy but grow really large, so if you are looking for something small this might not be the way to go. I have already had to re-pot mine twice in six months but I just love the large glossy green leaves.


I actually find Cacti and Succulents a little boring but they are the perfect choice as a first house plant as they are practically impossible to kill. I water mine about once a month and often forget about them as they have been moved up high since having our daughter. I find cacti quite slow growing but some varieties have gorgeous wee flowers once a year. These are really hardy and will pretty much survive in any environment. 

So those are my top tips, like I said I'm not an expert, but am yet to have an indoor plant die on me so hopefully these pointers work for others. I would love to hear what house plants you have as I'm always open to adding a few more to the collection!


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