When I was a little girl my Nana gave me a beautiful gold signet ring, it was in the shape of a heart with my initials engraved on the front and a little stone in one corner. I remember thinking this is something very special that I would have and treasure forever. I looked after that ring, only wore it on special occasions and made sure I proudly showed it off to Nana every time I saw her. One night we were celebrating a birthday out at a local restaurant, this was a special occasion for our family because we only ate out on birthdays so I decided to wear my ring. I vividly remember going to the restrooms and taking off the ring to wash my hands, a short time later I noticed the ring was missing from my finger, we searched the bathrooms and the restaurant but it was never to be found. I was absolutely devastated as I had always been so careful! Nana gifted me a second (identical) ring the following birthday that I still have to this day.

When I had my daughter I remembered how special I felt being gifted my first 'real' piece of jewellery, I wanted her to have a keepsake from her childhood and always loved baby bracelets on little girls. I was so excited to discover the exquisite baby range on offer from Michael Hill Jewellers and selected a beautiful sterling silver baby belcher bracelet for Thea. It features a dainty heart padlock, much like the heart design of my signet ring and it is a sentimental piece to remind me of this beautiful time. I have put it away in her jewellery box for safe keeping until she is a little older, but I know it is something we will both treasure forever.


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