Every six months I like to update my cushions (well at least a few of them) as its a quick and affordable way to change up a living space and requires minimal investment. I am currently swooning over bright colours, pops of melon and tropical prints. We are in the process of renovating and have updated some of our furniture (goodbye old couches from our flatting days!) this has also resulted in an overhaul of my current cushion collection. My advice - mix and match textures, colours and sizes, have fun and don't be afraid to make bold choices!

Below are my current picks.... or if you are on a budget consider DIY, there are some great fabrics around at the moment! 

1. Zaiden Cushion Via Freedom Furniture
2. Rose Peonies vs Orange Zigzag via Jennifer & Smith
3. Bonnie & Neil Cushion via Collected
4. Bonnie & Neil Cushion via Collected
5. Lolana Cushion via Freedom Furniture


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