If you have ever ordered something from my store Beau Monde Babe you would recognise these glitter dipped feathers, a little something I like to add to the gift wrapping of every purchase as I a sucker for beautifully wrapped packages! 
These little feathers are such a simple and easy thing to make but have been such a hit, so I thought I would share a quick DIY tutorial. There are so many things you can do with these feathers, above I have used gold thread to bind the feathers and have hung them from my daughter teepee, but you can also make feather garlands or just use them to display. 

You will need: Glitter, a paint brush, PVA glue, feathers and a few plastic disposable containers.
Simply brush the PVA glue on to the tip of each feather (on both sides) then rub the feather in glitter and leave to dry. Once dry use to decorate as you please. 

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