In October last year I started discussing on the blog our proposed home renovations. The plan was to start with a small manageable space such as our laundry/office area, but over the summer months we switched our focus to the outdoor areas and the interior took a back seat. 
The time has finally come (after some hard saving) and we have decided to tackle the laundry, office and kitchen all at once. Yes I am crazy, we have a six week old baby and are planning to launch full swing into renovations. The reasoning for tackling all these areas at once is quite simple, the floor tiles we plan to use in the kitchen/dining area will continue into the laundry/office area so it makes perfect sense to do it all at once. 
We are still in the very early stages of getting quotes but if you have met my husband you will know once he gets his mind set on something it generally happens pretty quickly so I expect renovations to be well underway within the next two months. This of course means I get to plan my dream kitchen and office so expect to see lots of pinning happening in the next few weeks! You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.  For now I have a vision of white, white and more white as I am completely in love with white marble! lets see how this pans out.....

Images via Pinterest

For those of you not planning a full scale renovation, here are a few white marble decor pieces to get you inspired:

1. Larent Marble Vase via Country Road
2. Marble Trivet via Let Liv
3. Marble Faceted Candlestick via Let Liv
4. Clock via Society6
5. Eldon Candlestick via Country Road


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