This week has been all over the show - I had a few posts planned but that all went out the window when we decided to extend our family holiday and spend a few extra days at the bach. It was an interesting adventure taking Thea away for her first long distance car trip, which resulted in a three hour drive turning into a five hour journey. I am not complaining though, it was so lovely to get out of Auckland and to spend time with the Hubby and our little girl as a family - bring on the next long weekend! 

I wanted to quickly share my recent online find, Bride & Wolfe - creators of gorgeous handcrafted shelving that really caught my eye and left me utterly impressed. The circle and heart shelves come in a range of colours and are the brain child of Miranda Moreira, who moved home to Melbourne after six years in Paris. The brand was launched in 2005 and is produced in small batches in artisinal workshops in both Melbourne and Auckland. Bride & Wolfe specialise in limited edition pieces and the designs are both timeless and versatile.
For more information please visit the Bride & Wolfe website.



  1. How have I not seen your blog before? It's beautiful, and you showcase some really lovely items. You have a new fan.

    1. Thank you Leanne, such a lovely comment! Glad you are enjoying the blog x