It is not often that I am lost for words but I am struggling to express how absolutely in awe I am of everything Belinda Kurtz (owner and designer) of Petite Vintage Interiors does. 

Belinda started her interior design business after falling in love with all the beautiful products she discovered when working on her two girls bedrooms and realised how time consuming it is to piece together a perfect space for littlies to grow, learn and play. Petite Vintage Interiors was born, offering traditional in home and virtual design - specialising in children's spaces. Petite Vintage Interiors is an Australian based company but because consultations can be done completely online, they are available to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Belinda's eye for detail and colour choices is what initally drew me into her work, she has a very distinctive aesthetic and clear direction which is something I find inspiring. Her interiors are fun, fresh, creative and modern - a dream space for any child!

To find out more about Petite Vintage Interiors click HERE. All images via Petite Vintage Interiors. 


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