My want, need and must have items this month.....

1. Ambient Copper Pendant Light via Citta - The perfect shape and combination of materials, totally in love with copper at the moment.
2. Wall Flip Clock by Karlsson via Let Liv - Yes please! I have had my eye on these karlsson clocks for a while - the perfect piece for my home office.
3. Boskke Cube via Paper Plane - An indoor plant pot that you only need to water once a month - genius! 
4. Gold & Nickel Flat Chain Bracelet via Veronica B - Swooning over the new Veronica B collection, this two tone bracelet is to die for.
5. Bloomingville Wooden Candle Holder via Let Liv  - Design perfection, in love with the simplicity of bloomingville products.
6. Miss Wilson Helen Brogue via Kathryn Wilson - If i only purchase one pair of shoes this winter it has to be these!
7. Cushion Covers via Citta - the new collection is amazing, want, need, must have it all!


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