Coming from a family of gardeners I have always had a love for plants and gardening. I thought I would share five of my favourite easy-care indoor plants that I have around my home. House plants are relatively easy to grow as long as you give them a little TLC, they are also great at improving air quality and are perfect for lifestyle and apartment living. 

1. CALADIUM - This is the first time I have owned a Caladium but it is growing well in a warm, brightly lit position (not in direct sunlight) and likes to be watered regularly. I currently have mine on display in a macrame hanging planter.

2. CYCLAMEN - I find mine prefer a semi-shaded spot (not direct sunlight) and good drainage, wait until the soil feels dry before watering and ensure you remove any dead flowers.

3. DIEFFENBACHIA - One of my favourite house plants as it just keeps growing and growing! Best placed in a position with filtered light and water regularly -  keep the soil moist. 

4. PHALAENOPSIS ORCHID - A favourite as they flower for so long! They grow best when placed on a bright windowsill or in a well lit area. Plant in orchid-mix and water every 7-10 days ensuring the plant has good drainage - don't leave sitting in water. 

5. SPATHIPHYLLUM (PEACE LILY) - Very easy to care for as they do not need much light or to be watered often but do ensure the soil doesn't dry out.

Other plants that I have found to be fantastic house plants are cacti, succulents, ferns, anthurium and bromeliad.
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  1. What a lovely collection! We do not get a lot of light, but I seem to do well with philodendron and snake plants.

    1. I think a snake plant might have to be the next addition to my indoor plant family!