I recently discovered New Zealand label Age Eyewear - makers of optical frames and sunglasses influenced by vintage aesthetics with modern details. Designer Hollie Reedy has an extensive background in the fashion industry and I was very lucky to steal a piece of her time for a few quick fire questions...

Tell me a little about yourself and the ‘AGE Eyewear’ brand, how did it all begin?
I started out selling vintage at the Aotea Square Markets here in Auckland while I was at University and decided that I wanted to open a shop in London when I finished University so I did. I then realized I had a fascination with vintage frames so I built up a strong collection for my self and for the shop. I also wanted a cheaper range to sell along side of my vintage collection so I found a glasses wholesaler that I worked with and helped them  to design vintage-inspired glasses. I then went on selling them successfully for the next few years, which contributed to my decision to start Age Eyewear.
Describe a day in the life at AGE Eyewear HQ?
A lot of my time is taken up with filling orders, packaging and sending out. Also I am in the process of designing a bag collection for my winter range which Is very time consuming but exciting.
What is your favourite style from the new collection and why?
Personally, my favourite style is Agenda in Milky Tort 123. When I decided to start Age Eyewear I had this colour in mind, not knowing if it was it was available I just really loved the idea of it and I managed to find exactly what I was looking for. As for the style, its like nothing else in the market and I think it suits my face shape so I love it.
Did you have any prior experience in the fashion industry before starting AGE?
I had a vintage business in London for four years and designed a few things for it from time to time. My mum also has a womens fashion shop in Taupo called Lavish.  
Where can readers buy AGE Eyewear, do you have any stockists?
I have 17 stockists throughout New Zealand, to view them you can visit my website : Age Eyewear
And finally describe AGE Eyewear in three words:
Distinctive Quality Longevity
Emma x

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