Just prior to Xmas the Hubby and I completed our first major outside reno - the fruit and veggie garden down the side of the house. This was initially a dead area that had been neglected so we really wanted to utilise this space and turn it into something functional. 
The project included a complete build of all the garden beds, gates and steps and took around 90 hours (on the Hubby's behalf) and a solid 40 hours from me to complete. I am delighted with the results and am proud to say the entire project was DIY from start to end. We have literally been outside working in the garden every available weekend since we purchased our home in April but this was by far our largest project to date.

We used 55 meters of macrocarpa sleepers for all the steps and raised garden beds, 100 meters of treated and decking timber for the gates, posts, palings and trellis under the deck, 28 bags of sand, bark, compost and potting mix, 1 bucket of fence stain and I would hate to think how many screws, bolts and nails. 
I decided to plant out the two large raised garden beds with a selection of vegetables and put in a variety of dwarf citrus trees on the other side of the steps. All materials were purchased from Mitre10 and Bunnings and we went directly to Cypress Sawmill for the sleepers. 

We have already started on our next outdoor reno and I will be posting before and after shots as we complete each project.