I love the idea of using garlands and bunting to decorate a child's bedroom, particularly the gorgeous felt and pompom designs I have seen lately. Garlands can be strung across walls, hung from the ceiling or draped over objects (like the deer pictured above) to add bursts of colour into the room. 
They are also inexpensive, can easily be changed and moved around and are relatively easy to make yourself, if you want to give DIY a go. 
DIY washi tape (decorative masking tape) garlands are the easiest to make, all you need is washi tape, twine or string, and scissors! Simply fold the washi tape over the twine and cut out a small triangle to create flags. 
You can also make simple bunting with coloured paper or felt, cut into hearts and then thread onto twine. 

If you don't fancy giving DIY bunting a go, here are the Beau Monde Mama top picks:

1. Pom Pom Garland via Tea Pea
2. Little Lamb Felt Garland via Tea Pea
3. Ordinary Mommy Peach Notched Flag Bunting via Etsy
4. Pelemele Circle Felt Garland via Etsy
5. Blackboard Bunting via Pop Roc Parties
6. Felt Heart Garland via Collected


(Top and DIY images via Pinterest)

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