My current shoe obsession is definitely a gorgeous heeled sandal with an ankle strap. This is the perfect pair of heels to dress up or down, and I love the pop of colour coming through in a few of the styles I have found online.

Just prior to NZFW I did a mad dash into Number One Shoes on the lookout for something dressy but not too over the top, that's when I discovered the Anzu heels (pictured below), which evidently started my crush on this perfect spring style. 
I initally only planned to wear my Anzu heels with one outfit for NZFW, but ended up wearing them for two entire days, and I'm not talking a few hours, I literally mean two full-on 12 hour days, they were that comfortable!

It's quite ironic really because it makes me think about how fashion always comes full circle. I had a pair almost identical when I first moved to Auckland to start University eleven years ago (really showing my age), and I absolutely thrashed those bad boys, it's times like these that I wish I kept everything instead of giving it away after one season, but you move on and that's what credit cards are for!

Here are nine styles I am swooning over.

From top to bottom - left to right
1. Hysteria Heeled Sandals from ASOS 
2. Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire from Andrea Biani 
3. Hong Kong Heeled Sandals With Metal Trim from ASOS
4. Sol Sana Tally Heels from The Iconic 
5. Billini Glory Heels from The Iconic
6. Anzu Therapy Heels from Number One Shoes
7. Alyssa Heels from Number One Shoes
8. Tony Bianco Lorelle Heels from The Iconic
9. Head Turner Heeled Sandals from ASOS


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