Photographer: Fiona Quinn Photographer, Hair: Natasha Boustridge Hair
Model: Esther @ Nova Models, Retouching: Russel Dennis

If you haven't heard of Paige Best Hair and Makeup Artist, there is a good chance you have already seen some of her amazing work without realising it. 
Paige is a freelance makeup artist based in Auckland and has had her work featured in top publications such as Remix, Bride and Groom, M2 Woman and Coup De Main.
Paige has a strong presence in the New Zealand fashion industry and has worked alongside top photographers and international models such as superstar Holly Rose

I am a huge fan of everything Paige does and have been fortunate enough to work with her on a number of occasions, she is always punctual, professional and fun to work with, I also love that she is pedantic about makeup hygiene and always has a clean kit.
Although Paige appears to focus on the fashion industry she is also available for weddings and special occasions, I would suggest booking well in advance as this girl is in hot demand!

Photographer: Fiona Quinn Photographer, Lauren @ Clyne 

Test by Laura Allard-Fleischl (Photographer), Holly Rose @ Red XI

Photographer: Jarrad Mapp Photographer, Model: Teale @ KHM

Photographer: Jarrad Mapp Photographer, Nail Artist: Steph Harman
Model: Jessica Thompson @ Red XI


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