I feel rather stupid that it has only just occurred to me to incorporate indoor hanging plants into our living spaces. 
I have multiple outdoor hanging baskets and many indoor plants in various pots and on plant stands, but not a single indoor hanging plant.
I have noticed the trend of macrame hanging planters has come full circle and remember my mum had a few in our dining room when I was a child. I love the bright pops of colour coming through in the modern designs, but you can always go for a neutral tone and add a splash of colour with your plant selection. 
I recommend ferns, peace lily and english ivy for indoor hanging planters, cacti and air plants are also great options for hanging terrariums. Get the look with these gorgeous planters...

Top Row:

1. Faceted Hanging Terrarium via Urban Outfitters
2. Pink Macrame Plant Hanger via Macy Home
3. Hanging Brass Planter via Urban Outfitters
4. Macrame Pot Hanger via Freedom Furniture
5. Jelly Planter White via Perch Home

Bottom Row:

6. Boskke Sky Planters via Paper Plane 
7. Krato Geranium Hanging Planter via Citta Design
8. Glass Hanging Terrarium via iko iko
9. Woven Bead Hanging Planter via Urban Outfitters